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How to order a unique diamond ring? Only 7 steps

How much are you going to spend?

The question of how much you want to spend on a diamond ring is directly related to what kind of diamond ring you can buy, and a precise budget in the process of finding a designer can give you more guidance. Custom diamond ring by the design, production, the price of the materials of three parts, so you need to clear their part where are more willing to spend money on, more to consider men and women spend how many money, respectively.

Think of the diamond ring design to whom

According to your budget can be targeted to choose designer to diamond ring ordered, to understand the designer's design style, at the same time consulting fee information, choice and your budget, aesthetic, interests and personality of the designer.

Tell the story to the designer

The more intimate the communication with the designer, the more you can tailor the diamond ring to your heart. In addition to telling the designer about your budget, preferences, and requirements, you can also talk to him about your love story, your lover's personality, the moment you remember most vividly... The designer will visualize the bits and pieces and extract the design elements that best suit you.

Choose the best diamond

Designers usually have very good diamond purchase channels, because they often take goods, the price is naturally more advantageous than your own. The simple and convenient method is to let the stylist help you choose directly, so not only can obtain the higher cost performance, also be advantageous to the fusion of gem and design.

Please say your dissatisfaction quickly

Usually within two weeks to two weeks after signing a contract, the designer will provide you with a preliminary design plan, and some designers will draw two or three sketches for you to choose from. You don't be frightened by this trouble this time, select their favorite design if you have not satisfied place must be stylist puts forward in a timely manner to modify, the sooner you address the more conducive to final rendering.

The most important wax production

When the designer delivers the wax version of your custom-made wedding ring to you, it means you're not far from the diamond ring. At this point you can roughly see the shape and appearance of it, and if there is no objection, they will be sent to the casting gold and inlays.

Wait for your wedding ring to complete

The next thing is done for you by the designer and the craftsman, when you decide that the designer will send it to the factory to pour the mold and hold the mold, and the whole piece of jewelry is fully presented.