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Round Engagement Rings - Tips For Selecting the Perfect Classic Engagement Ring

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The classic beauty of round diamond engagement rings is undeniable. These classic pieces highlight the brilliant center stone, making them the perfect choice for any woman. They are timeless and elegant and can work with any woman's style, whether she prefers sleek fashion or quirky, vintage style. These pieces are incredibly versatile and can be found in many price ranges. For more information about round diamond engagement rings, read on! Below are some tips for selecting the perfect one.

Cushion Cut - This diamond engagement ring shape is the most popular shape for engagement rings. This elegant diamond cut has rounded corners and fiery facets. This cut highlights the beauty of the stone, making it the perfect choice for adventurous women. Pear-shaped diamonds can be quite striking and have been worn by celebrities like Jessica Biel and Kim Kardashian. A pear-shaped diamond engagement ring can also make the hand look slim and graceful.

Emerald-Cut Diamond - The emerald-cut diamond is a popular choice for engagement rings. This diamond shape has large step-facets and has obvious inclusions. To ensure that it is flawless, choose a stone with a clarity grade of SI1 or better. Beyonce, Eva Longoria, and Amal Clooney have all received emerald-cut diamonds as engagement rings. Marquise-Cut - For a more extravagant, glamorous woman, the marquise-cut diamond may be the perfect choice.

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