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Eight Circles a Series of Love Sun Series

The history of the diamond ring can be traced back to 1477 when the Austrian Archduke Maximilian gave a diamond ring to Mary of Burgundy. This love struck young man placed the diamond on the third finger of her left hand. The reason for this was that ancient Egyptians believed that this finger had a

04/ 20 / 2022
Choosing a Diamond Setting for Your Couple Ring

When choosing the diamond to go in your engagement ring, keep a few important factors in mind. One of these is the cut. While a rough diamond may seem pristine, the cut process can dramatically change its appearance. A rough diamond can also contain inclusions, which will reduce the quality of the

03/ 28 / 2022
Round Engagement Rings for Your Lovated One

Round engagement rings are the perfect choice for a proposal ring for most women because of their unique design and appeal. While they don't usually have a huge diamond presence, they do make use of multiple diamonds or gemstones that complement each other in the same way.

08/ 26 / 2021