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Round Engagement Rings for Your Lovated One

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Round engagement rings are the perfect choice for a proposal ring for most women because of their unique design and appeal. While they don't usually have a huge diamond presence, they do make use of multiple diamonds or gemstones that complement each other in the same way. Because of their smaller size, they're also less expensive than traditional engagement rings. There are lots of different styles of round engagement rings available today, so it's worth spending some time looking around before making a final decision. Whether you prefer the traditional round brilliant cut or something a bit more unique, you can easily find the perfect ring.

A round-cut engagement ring can also work well for virtually any woman's style. If your sweetheart prefers sleek modern jewelry, a round cut diamond in an antique solitaire setting will fit her perfectly. If she likes wearing vintage styles with a twist, consider adding a vintage claw setting to the equation. Or if you want to incorporate some more traditional aspects into your proposal, try a round brilliant-cut diamond surrounded by a cluster of small stones - this will look stunning on most fingers!

Another popular option is a traditional three-stone engagement ring - which is great if your loved one has an interest in history, art, or jewelry. The classic setup consists of a center stone with either a side stone or both set in rubies or other brightly colored precious gems. Some of the more elaborate halo arrangements are made using diamond accents, but there's no need to go crazy when it comes to a proposal ring because you already have a gorgeous center stone to work with. A round brilliant-cut diamond surrounded by halo diamonds can make for an especially pretty proposal ring because of all the beautiful colors that can add up to make a stunning ring all together. And if your loved one is into vintage or alternative designs, be sure to take a look at some of the stunning round engagement rings that are available from a variety of different artists.

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