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Popular Styles of Diamond Rings For Girls

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You can find many styles of diamond rings for girls, but the main thing to remember is that a simple ring is not always a good choice. For instance, a simple ring made of gold will be much more appealing to a girl if it has one or two diamonds set in it. For a more unconventional design, try a cushion diamond. Another popular choice is the princess cut. You can find hundreds of designs online.

Girls are fond of flower patterns in jewelry. A flower-pattern diamond ring will look great on a little girl. Or, you can go for a platinum ring studded with diamonds. This ring will look very trendy and delicate, as well. It is also available in rose gold, yellow gold, and white gold. Whatever design you choose, make sure it is conflict free. The diamonds should be set in a secure setting so there's no risk of slipping or falling.

If you want to make a statement, choose a ring with multiple stones. The more stones, the more sparkly it looks. Another popular choice is the halo ring. This style is perfect for a casual look, as it's a beautiful, unique ring that can be worn by both girls and men.

The price of a diamond ring for girls varies based on the size of the stone and its cut. The larger the diamond, the higher the price per carat. However, this is a rare exception, as most girls love diamond jewellery. The cost of a ring made from diamond can start at INR 7000. A good rule of thumb to keep in mind when buying a diamond ring for your girl is to ask for a certificate or invoice.

While the casual ring is a good choice for an outgoing personality, a ring made of pearl, emerald, or sapphire with a gold base is the perfect choice for workwear. You can also go for a butterfly, jhanak, or dewdrop ring for a casual look. You can even find stylish designs for men on CaratLane. There's something for every girl!