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It's not a c position to get a good picture

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In addition, there are many holiday friends, so there is no shortage of photos. However, a good picture of a group is that it's easy to grab C. Come on, it's not a judgment call.

First of all you have to know when a large group of people to pose for you as a whole, as far as possible let the characters in the picture is compact, if the number is too much, so suggest to trapezoid stance, the pictures look good.

In addition, the location of the lens is also very important when taking pictures. You can try this way, and you can easily get all the characters in the picture.

There is also a good Angle to the back shot, which will make the picture full of intimacy, which looks both relaxed and harmonious, and the picture is beautiful.

It is best to take a picture of the whole body, so that the lens will be relatively far away, the beautiful women can have a small face!