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How to Determine the Diamond Ring Value of a Diamond Ring

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The retail value of diamonds varies greatly depending on where you find them and who buys them. In a pawn shop, you'll probably get the lower end of the spectrum, but a diamond ring value of around twenty-five to forty percent is a more likely scenario. The retail price is determined by a few characteristics, such as carat weight, cut, proportions, fluorescence, and clarity. Many diamond retailers offer a variety of upgrade options to buyers looking to sell their diamond rings. Diamond retailers, such as Brian Gavin Diamonds, James Allen, and G.C. Diamonds, also offer a diamond upgrading service.

Depending on the stone and the metal that encases it, the diamond ring value varies widely. For example, an uncertified diamond can be appraised by a gem lab and receive a grading report. Alternatively, a diamond broker can provide a fast valuation. Worthy.com and the Diamond Exchange offer both quick appraisals and online diamond sales. These services are helpful when it comes to determining the retail value of a diamond ring.

While buying a diamond from a wholesaler, remember that the markup is higher than that of a retailer. It is therefore unlikely that you'll get your retail price back. Instead, look for an offer of twenty to sixty percent of the diamond's original cost. If your partner is unwilling to accept an offer that is less than sixty percent of its retail price, it is wise to sell the diamond at a price between sixty to seventy percent of its original cost.

While diamond resale value is usually less than the original purchase price, this may vary depending on where and how you bought it. The difficulty of selling a used diamond will also affect the price that is offered. Therefore, it is advisable to check the resale value of your diamond before selling it. There are also pawn shops and jewelry stores that will buy your diamond for less than you paid for it.

Diamonds are classified according to their carat weight. Carat weight refers to the total number of diamonds in a ring. A single diamond with a perfect four-carat weight is worth over twenty thousand dollars, whereas a diamond with significant inclusions may be worth as little as three thousand dollars. The same goes for the five-C's. A diamond that is colorless will be more expensive than one that is tinted.