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How Are Diamond Earrings Rated?

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How are diamond earrings classified? Diamond earrings are classified according to their cut, color, clarity and carat weight. A perfect, clear set of diamond earrings cut properly defines how much light the stones reflect. The cut of a diamond refers to the way the stone is pronged, bezeled or otherwise arranged on the earring's outer surface. In other words, every diamond that you will buy in the future will have been graded correctly so that no confusion will arise regarding the classifications.

How are diamond earrings ranked? All other things being equal, the cheapest diamond jewelry, white gold and platinum, will be better than diamonds, which will be more expensive, more yellow gold and platinum. There is more to it than that though, and you have to take these other factors into consideration as well.

I would recommend buying a set of diamond stud earrings if you have a limited budget or you don't plan to wear the studs for a long time. A pair of diamond stud earrings that you will constantly be able to accessorize will last much longer than a single pair of hoop earrings. You should also buy a set of gemstone earrings if you're planning to wear them regularly. That way, you'll be able to coordinate your entire outfit to complement each other. I would avoid purchasing a single piece of jewelry as your set as your options will be much more limited. However, if you do buy a single piece, consider buying a matching set or coordinating gemstone earrings for a very nice layered look.

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