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Classic Engagement Rings With Diamond Accents

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The latest trend in diamond rings is the classic engagement rings with diamond accents. Round brilliant cut for maximum brilliance, round brilliant cut men's solitaires are the preferred choice for modern men today. The classic engagement rings with diamond accents are simple and elegant piece of jewelry. With a large variety of classic round engagement rings available in the market, you can always find something to satisfy your unique sense of style.

Within wide array of round engagement rings, there are various choices to fit your loved one s unique budget and his personal preference. Sparkle up her elegant center stone with a romantic setting in Solitaire, Classic, Vintage, Or Solitaire sets, making a stunning sparkler which your special someone will immediately fall in love with. With a round brilliant cut diamond on a romantic setting, she will feel like queen for several days.

You can also choose round engagement rings with various other precious and semi-precious stones such as pink sapphires, rubies, emeralds, and tanzanites along with a round brilliant cut diamond to bring out her unique personality. These gemstones can be set in white gold, platinum, titanium, and silver setting. Some people also prefer to have their diamond shape set in a ring medium such as pearl, cubic zirconium, or tungsten carbide. Whatever the choice, make sure that the metal is of high quality. The most popular metals used to design round brilliant cut diamonds include: yellow gold, white gold, stainless steel, and platinum. This is because they not only reflect light better than any other metals but also help in reducing glare.

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