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Buying Small Diamond Earrings

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If you are interested in getting diamond earrings for your ears, you'll want to make sure that you buy a pair that has a proper set. Some vendors sell pre-set earrings that contain a diamond in the center. Others will let you build your own set, but the process will require you to choose the right settings for the stones and decide on the carat weight. Choosing the right backs is an important decision that you'll need to make based on the size of your earlobe.

While diamonds come in many hues, the most important characteristic is the clarity. If you're going to choose a diamond with a higher clarity grade, you'll need to pay extra attention to color. You might be tempted to go for a larger stone, but it will be more difficult to see its blemishes. If you're considering a stud earring, consider a basket setting instead.

The shape of the diamond also plays an important role in how much sparkle the earring will have. There are three primary styles: vintage, asscher, and cushion. The classic round and princess cuts are most popular. A marquise or heart and arrows shape will give you a more affordable option, while a classic round shape is considered to be the best value. In addition to the size, cut, and metal, it's important to know the price range for the diamond earrings you are buying.

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